A Mad Popper Story

It all started back in 1896, before popcorn was ever sold as a common snack. The Mad Popper’s great grandmother had a caramel recipe that very few got to try. However, this amazing caramel recipe got passed down generation to generation.

In August of 2010, The Mad Popper’s mom had renal failure and was rushed to the hospital. After being there for weeks, Josh was forced to do something he had dreaded for a long time. He asked for the 100-year-old recipe.Meanwhile, Josh’s mom started her road to recovery, and got a chance to see her youngest son master their family’s 100-year-old secret caramel recipe that is actually a vegan caramel.

Josh and his partner Sulmaz met on skid row in down town Los Angeles a few months later. He wanted to share his popcorn with people on skid row and She was purchasing over 200 sandwiches to feed everyone. This has been the most amazing meeting of two people in one of the toughest areas in LA. They have since developed ‘California Mad Poppers’ together, creating an experience for those popcorn lovers unlike any other in the market place today and together they continue to give back and never forget why they came together in the first place!



                                                   The Mad Poppers